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Chicken Thai Fingers
5,75 €
Breaded chicken strips with mild spicy Thai sauce
Mixed Gyozas
7,50 €
Four mixed gyozas Chicken Curry, Shrimp and Young Garlic, Vegetable and Pork
Mix Izakayas
Sólo en restaurante
2 Japanese Roll, 2 Negima Yakitori and Vegetable tempura.
Vegetable Tempura with Prawns
Sólo en restaurante
Vegetable Tempura, delicious and crunchy breaded zucchini, carrots, red pepper and eggplant adn 2 prawns
Vegetable Tempura
Sólo en restaurante
Organic vegetable tempura, delicious and crunchy battered zucchini, carrots, red pepper and eggplant
Salmon Tataki
11,00 €
Salmon marinated with soya, lemon, mirin, wasabi and sesame oil. Lightly grilled, filleted and served with teriyaki sauce and diced avocado with sesame seeds
Crack Crunch
8,60 €
Four crispy battered prawns
2,45 €
Bowl of white rice
Wakame Salad
4,25 €
Wakame and agaragar seaweed salad with sesame seeds
Marinated Salmon
8,55 €
UDON style marinated salmon
4,25 €
Steamed soya green beans
Miso Soup
4,25 €
Traditional Japanese soup with dashi, miso, tofu, wakame seaweed and spring onion
Japanese Roll
6,40 €
Wonton pasta rolls filled with free range chicken, mushrooms, onion, carrot and bamboo, served with Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce
Negima Yakitori
7,50 €
Three grilled free range chicken and Japanese spring onion skewerswith teriyaki sauce
Gyozas de Chicken Curry
7,50 €
Four chicken curry filled gyozas
Shrimps Gyozas with Young Garlic
7,50 €
Four shrimp and young garlic filled gyozas
Vegetable Gyozas
7,50 €
Four vegetable filled gyozas
Pork Gyozas
7,50 €
Four pork meat filled gyozas
Mixed Rolls C. Chicken + Salmon Avocado
11,30 €
Mixed 4 pcs Corral Chicken Roll and 4 pcs Salmon Avocado Roll
Ika Tempura
Sólo en restaurante
Tempura battered thin squid strips with garlic mayonnaise and kimuchi no moto sauce
7,00 €
Four traditional Japanese octopusfilled balls, topped with Japanese mayonnaise, tonkatsu sauce and katsuobushi
Corral Chicken Roll
10,50 €
Eight noodle rolls with breaded free range chicken, asparagus, avocado, spring sprouts, Parmesan, fried onion and kimuchi mayonnaise sauce
Salmon Avocado Roll
11,30 €
Eight noodle rolls with salmon, avocado, mango, soft cheese and teriyaki sauce
Green Veggie Roll
10,50 €
Eight Takaokaya green seaweed rolls with Heura plantbased protein, avocado, spring sprouts, cucumber, tofu, wakame seaweed and honey mustard mayonnaise
Salmon Tartar Roll
11,30 €
Eight hot tempura battered noodle rolls with avocado, soft cheese, sesame seeds and salmon tartare with teriyaki sauce
Mixed Rolls
Sólo en restaurante
Choose and combine two different kinds of rolls four pieces per kind of roll
Rollito Primavera
5,95 €
Spring roll, filled with vegetables, soya noodles, mushrooms and bamboo, with mild spicy Thai sauce
Duo de Buns
Sólo en restaurante
Heura Buns Steamed bao bun with Heura plantbased protein, cucumber, avocado and hoisin saucePork Buns Steam cooked Bao bread with roasted pork confit chashu, sliced avocado, cucumber, hoisin sauce and mayonnaise
Pork Buns
10,80 €
Steam cooked Bao bread with roasted pork confit chashu, sliced avocado, cucumber, hoisin sauce and mayonnaise
Heura Buns
10,80 €
Steamed bao bun with Heura plantbased protein, cucumber, avocado and hoisin sauce
Thai Salad
Sólo en restaurante
Zucchini, carrot, cucumber, mango and soybean sprout salad, with two prawns, Thai sauce, lime, peanut and coriander
Ebi Chili Buns
Sólo en restaurante
Two steamed Bao buns with pankocrusted prawn, salad sprouts, sweet chili mayonnaise and chive
Korean Wings
Sólo en restaurante
Korean lacquered chicken wings cooked at low temperature on crispy rice, shichimi togarashi, sesame and spring onion
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