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Noodles with Soup

Miso Ramen
12,05 €
Ramen noodles with chicken broth, prepared with soya and miso. With slices of marinated pork (chashu), wakame seaweed, parboiled and marinated free range egg, nori seaweed and spring onion
Vegan Ramen
12,55 €
Ramen noodles with vegetable broth and miso, Ivy soy protein, bamboo slices, purple onion, chives, pak chol, shimeji mushrooms i corn
Corral Curry Soup
12,55 €
Udon noodles with crispy free range chicken strips, onion,
carrot, broccoli, spinach, shiitake, egg, lime, spring onion and dashi with curry
Curry Ramen
13,10 €
Ramen with chicken broth, prepared with soya, miso and yellow curry. With slices of free range pork skirt steak (chashu), bamboo, shiitake mushrooms, parboiled and marinated free
range egg and spring onion
Nabeyaki Udon
12,55 €
Udon with filleted chicken, prawn tempura, spinach, egg, shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds, chives and bamboo stalks
Kashiwa Soba
11,75 €
Buckwheat noodles with battered chicken strips, soy sprouts, shiitake mushrooms and leeks sautéed with Mirin sauce and sesame seeds
Tempura Soba
11,50 €
Soba with delicious and crispy vegetable and prawn tempura with nori seaweed
Tampopo Ramen
12,95 €
Ramen noodles with chicken broth, prepared with soya. With slices of marinated pork (chashu), sweet corn, parboiled and marinated free range egg, naruto, nori seaweed, bambú blades and spring onion
Spicy Thai Udon
12,85 €
Udon with vegetable broth, coconut milk, miso and crispy prawn. Stir-fried with purple onion, broccoli, pak choi, carrot, shimeji mushrooms, spinach and half-boiled free range egg
Kimchi Chicken Udon
12,85 €
Udon with chicken broth prepared with soya, kimuchi no moto, Chinese cabbage, purple onion, broccoli, wild asparagus, spinach and breaded free range chicken fingers
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